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Creation Science Museum, Part 1

Ken Ham’s latest monument to his beliefs has opened in Kentucky. The Ark Encounter is about an hour from his Creation Museum. Both are operated by Answers in Genesis, which is operated by the Australian immigrant. They both seek to … Continue reading

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What happens when a Young Earth Creationist discovers a 60,000,000-year-old fossil?

Originally posted on Primate's Progress:
Nearly perfect fish fossil specimens found in a block of sandstone excavated in the northwest Calgary community of Evanston. Photo by Darla Zelenitsky, University of Calgary Fortunately, Edgar Nernberg of Calgary is a keen…

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Dinos 101: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Want to know about dinosaurs? You’re in luck. The University of Alberta is offering a free 12-week course, a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) starting January 3rd. I am thinking of signing up for it – the course is offered … Continue reading

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