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Sit on a continent, go for a ride.

Of course you know about plate tectonics. Sit on a continent, go for a ride. You were probably told in grade school that continents move with as much speed (and unstoppable determination) as your fingernails are supposed to grow. That’s … Continue reading

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Yummy. Buffon’s Pi.

As I write this, pi day is happening. On our local (Mountain Savings Time) clocks, it will soon be 3.14.15 (month-day-year) then 9:26:53. We use the American month-day-year for this event (rather than day-month-year as the rest of the world … Continue reading

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What’s that Smell?

Yesterday’s odoriferous eruption of Iceland’s Bárðarbunga volcano got me thinking about the nasty stuff just below our feet. The volcano has begun gassing smelly poisons and the scent of Iceland’s rotten eggs has been whiffed as far away as Finland. Why … Continue reading

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