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Dry Rising Crust

Dry, rising crust? No, not the morning toast coming up.  A paper released today by researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography shows that the American southwest, in the grips of a “once-in-a-century” drought, is rising because groundwater which normally keeps … Continue reading

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All Aboard the Barracuda

Maurice Ewing was a Texas-panhandle farm boy,  became a geophysicist, and then and oceanographer. He conducted the first marine seismic acquisition, inventing the equipment he needed as he sailed the oceans. I find it odd that a lad from the … Continue reading

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Oblated Spheroids, anyone?

Who cares if the world is not a perfect ball?  You should, for one. Knowing the exact shape of the Earth keeps satellites in place, keeps your GPS navigator working, and keeps you from the dehumanizing torture of asking someone … Continue reading

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