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Sit on a continent, go for a ride.

Of course you know about plate tectonics. Sit on a continent, go for a ride. You were probably told in grade school that continents move with as much speed (and unstoppable determination) as your fingernails are supposed to grow. That’s … Continue reading

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The Eternal Fires of Coal

Long after America’s rust belt buildings have eroded to grass-lands, it’s possible that a sign of her once great industrial power will linger. Coal bed fires, it seems, are nearly impossible to extinguish – and there are many underground fires … Continue reading

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Chile Shaking. . . it will happen again, of course

Earlier this week, geophysicists reported an analysis of the April 1, 2014, Chilean earthquake which killed six and displaced tens of thousands close to the epicenter near the Peru border. They said the new study is yielding information which may … Continue reading

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