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All the Grains of Sand

Until today, I hadn’t written much in this blog about sand.  I don’t know why I’ve neglected the grainy little bits of rock, but it’s about time that sand had it’s day.  I’m doing sand because I just finished a … Continue reading

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Light on the Dark Side of the Moon

Did you see the blood red lunar eclipse? Wish I had, but here in Calgary we mostly had the undersides of clouds at 5 a.m. Pity. Poor us. But there are other eclipti coming. April and September 2015 should look … Continue reading

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Earth Rising

I was a child when the first photograph of the Earth, as seen from orbit around the Moon, arrived at NASA. Lunar Orbiter 1 was up there, scouting places for a future landing party of American astronauts. As an afterthought, … Continue reading

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Who’s Got Mantle?

NASA has reprocessed the Apollo missions’ old lunar seismic data. The data is from 1969 through 1977, the latter being recorded by equipment still active long after the last astronaut went home. This is old seismic data. Reprocessed, it tells … Continue reading

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