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The Third Lucasian Professor

Newton was the second Lucasian Professor, holding the position founded by Henry Lucas, Cambridge’s Member of Parliament. Newton clung to the job for 33 years despite his obnoxious manners and his heretical ideas about religion. He succeeded by hiding his … Continue reading

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Newton and the Speed of Sound

Would you like to try Newton’s classic speed of sound experiment? Last month, at Trinity College in Cambridge, my 13-year-old stood at the colonnade where Newton measured the speed of sound. Just like Newton, Daniel clapped his hands once and … Continue reading

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Paying for Physics

Over 300 years ago, the world worked a lot like it does today. A man writes a brilliant book, but he’s a recluse and lacks charm. He wants to get his science club to print his book, but the  members … Continue reading

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History of a Science Historian

It’s the birth date of the first American to receive a Ph.D. in science history. I’m surprised how recently he lived. I figured science historians have been around almost as long as science and history – but I. B. Cohen, … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Life

Are you ready? Just 7 more shopping days until December 25th – Newton’s birthday.* People celebrate Sir Isaac Newton’s birthdate in interesting ways. In this part of the world, there are a lot of coloured lights, decorated trees, and shiny … Continue reading

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Oblated Spheroids, anyone?

Who cares if the world is not a perfect ball?  You should, for one. Knowing the exact shape of the Earth keeps satellites in place, keeps your GPS navigator working, and keeps you from the dehumanizing torture of asking someone … Continue reading

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