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Throwing Spitballs in Geology Class

Chemistry Lab: Tie you hair back. Wear lab coats and safety goggles! Physics Lab: Get assistance before lifting wave tank. Use sturdy shoes! Biology Lab: Always wear goggles, rubber gloves, and face mask! Geology Lab: Here’s a rock. Take turns … Continue reading

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Busted by Oil

The list is long. Spindletop in Texas; Drake’s well in Pennsylvania; Petrolia, Ontario; Baku, Azerbaijan; Boryslav in Galicia. And many more. These are places spoiled by the boom and bust, rust and dust of oil production. I wonder if one … Continue reading

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What happens when a Young Earth Creationist discovers a 60,000,000-year-old fossil?

Originally posted on Primate's Progress:
Nearly perfect fish fossil specimens found in a block of sandstone excavated in the northwest Calgary community of Evanston. Photo by Darla Zelenitsky, University of Calgary Fortunately, Edgar Nernberg of Calgary is a keen…

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The Bright Side of Solar Flares

Electronics destroyed. Skin radiated. Mutations. Cancer. And if the GPS is down, how will anyone find their way home? But there is a bright side to solar flares. And that would be last night’s light show. For those of us … Continue reading

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