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An Oil Man Blames the Russians

The wealthiest person in Oklahoma, conspiracy theorist Harold Hamm, claims that Russians are financing the anti-fracking movement in America. Of course they are. Russian spies meet at select Starbucks locations and hand over sealed envelopes stuffed with rubles so that … Continue reading

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Finger pointing frustrations

Originally posted on The Grumpy Geophysicist:
Well, the New York Times finally decided to dial in to the ongoing seismic mess in Oklahoma. And while the coverage highlights the potential conflicts of interest and ability of the oil and gas…

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World’s Biggest Fracking Quake?

“Did Alberta Just Break a Fracking Earthquake World Record?” This is the headline in The Tyee, an online independent magazine focused on western Canada, and it seems the paper thinks so. The Tyee’s coverage of a big fracking earthquake in … Continue reading

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Oklahoma – An Earthquake Hot Spot?

When we think of American earthquakes, we think of California where the huge plates of the San Andreas are slip-sliding past each other. Or maybe the south coast of Alaska, near the subduction zone that formed the Aleutian and Kuril … Continue reading

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