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Why Some ‘Quake Shakes Arrive Before Others

When a big earthquake quakes, different sorts of vibes spread through the Earth. Two of the main destructive seismic waves – the P and S – travel at different velocities.  P-waves (Primary or Pressure) will shake your dishes a few … Continue reading

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Newton and the Speed of Sound

Would you like to try Newton’s classic speed of sound experiment? Last month, at Trinity College in Cambridge, my 13-year-old stood at the colonnade where Newton measured the speed of sound. Just like Newton, Daniel clapped his hands once and … Continue reading

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Solid to the Core

The Earth is like a chocolate-covered cherry. A bit bigger and harder to eat in one bite, but there are similarities. Like a cherry, the core is solid, but floats in a liquid. Next comes a thick layer of creamy … Continue reading

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