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Earth-shaking Selfies

MyShake is a phone app that can sense earthquakes. This is a cool idea, one that others have tried and failed to perfect, but now it seems to be living the promise. Folks at UCLA Berkeley 0ffer a free bit … Continue reading

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Free course on remote sensing for water exploration

250 million people who live in the drylands of Africa and Asia face a shortage of water for their entire lives. Hundreds of millions more in less drought-prone regions of the ‘Third World’ have to cope repeatedly with reduced supplies.…

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Hiding Rising Seas in Sunken Deserts

This weekend, a friend asked me if the rise in the oceans could be drained off into the world’s below-sea-level depressions. Could rising ocean waters be diverted to fill the Dead Sea and Death Valley Depressions, for example? It seems … Continue reading

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Busted by Oil

The list is long. Spindletop in Texas; Drake’s well in Pennsylvania; Petrolia, Ontario; Baku, Azerbaijan; Boryslav in Galicia. And many more. These are places spoiled by the boom and bust, rust and dust of oil production. I wonder if one … Continue reading

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The Mystery of The Worldwide Hum Phenomenon

I am reblogging this because it is intriguing and I don’t know what to think about it. A worldwide hum? It is not quite worldwide as it seems to other the ears of the wealthy North Americans and Europeans more … Continue reading

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Global warming: Science-denying Senator tells scientist Pope to listen to scientists

Originally posted on Primate's Progress:
Pope Francis’ Coat of Arms Well, perhaps not quite a scientist, but Pope Francis really does have, on his CV, a chemistry lab technician’s diploma and related work experience. And Rick Santorum is not…

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Criminalizing Geology

Originally posted on The Grumpy Geophysicist:
Yep, the New York Times notes that, among other odd state laws, that Wyoming has enacted a law that “makes it a crime to take photographs of or make written observations about a piece of…

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