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The Mountain Mystery (Book Review)

Originally posted on The Grumpy Geophysicist:
Many months ago, Ron Miksha was kind enough to send a copy of his book, The Mountain Mystery, to GG (Ron writes a blog under the book’s name).  Although the book was mostly read long…

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Cuba, America, and Oil

With America’s president visiting Cuba this week, I thought it might be helpful to re-post my story “Has Cuba Got Oil?” which I wrote in 2014.  It’s still valid. Cuba still has oil. But I argued that I doubt oil … Continue reading

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Charles Darwin, the Geologist

Originally posted on The Mountain Mystery:
Darwin as imagined by Hornet magazine 1871 It’s his birthday. It seems Charles Darwin’s legacy is experiencing a renaissance. Sure, some 60% of Americans vilify the man and hope he is roasting in hell.…

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Canadian scientists hopeful under Trudeau administration

Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:
Although I count myself (along with most Americans) woefully ignorant of Canadian politics, I do know what fellow scientists north of the border thought of the Harper administration: they uniformly hated it. Under…

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Did humans wipe out the megafauna?

Originally posted on TwilightBeasts:
The wonderful thing about writing for Twilight Beasts is the chance to bring back some truly incredible creatures. Here we are allowed to be taken back to a time when the largest land lizard ever walked…

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The Mystery of The Worldwide Hum Phenomenon

I am reblogging this because it is intriguing and I don’t know what to think about it. A worldwide hum? It is not quite worldwide as it seems to other the ears of the wealthy North Americans and Europeans more … Continue reading

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Global warming: Science-denying Senator tells scientist Pope to listen to scientists

Originally posted on Primate's Progress:
Pope Francis’ Coat of Arms Well, perhaps not quite a scientist, but Pope Francis really does have, on his CV, a chemistry lab technician’s diploma and related work experience. And Rick Santorum is not…

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