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Seismic Saves the World

Remarkable that we haven’t blown the planet to bits with an atomic bomb.  Not yet, anyway. An atmospheric nuclear test ban went in effect August 5, 1963. Exactly 51 years ago today. And almost 20 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki … Continue reading

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Earthquake Prophets

South Carolina. Earthquake.  Yes, according to the US Geological Survey, you need to link these two together in your mind. The government has issued a warning to folks in that southeast American state that it’s time to anchor the foundation. … Continue reading

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Alaska knows something

  Alaska is taking credit for proving plate tectonics.  OK, that’s an exaggeration. 50 years ago, in March 1964, an incredibly powerful 9.2 Magnitude earthquake shook Alaska.  We are being told that “the quake proved a theory that was just … Continue reading

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Goddess Pele is stirring

The goddess Pele may be restless again.  It seems that the legendary fire-woman, believed by early Hawaiian islanders to live under the sea and breathe lava into the throats of mountains, may be stirring. According to the ancient legends, the … Continue reading

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Oklahoma – An Earthquake Hot Spot?

When we think of American earthquakes, we think of California where the huge plates of the San Andreas are slip-sliding past each other. Or maybe the south coast of Alaska, near the subduction zone that formed the Aleutian and Kuril … Continue reading

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