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A Bad Day at the Beach

Today marks the death of Gaius Plinius Secundus, aka Pliny the Elder. He died along with 20,000 of his friends and neighbors. On August 24, 79, Mount Vesuvius exploded and Pompeii and Herculaneum were no more. From the book, The … Continue reading

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Conspiracies are Everywhere

Bison, anticipating a massive volcanic eruption, seen fleeing Yellowstone. Yellowstone National Park sits atop the world’s largest supervolcano.  The accompanying caldera will one day tip its hat and obliterate half of the American states. Or maybe not. This blog entry … Continue reading

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Goddess Pele is stirring

The goddess Pele may be restless again.  It seems that the legendary fire-woman, believed by early Hawaiian islanders to live under the sea and breathe lava into the throats of mountains, may be stirring. According to the ancient legends, the … Continue reading

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